Residency Programs
Studio Grafis Minggiran is a pivotal platform that a group of master printmakers call home. The Master Printers' technical expertise lies in etching, aquatint, drypoint, alugraphy, linocut and woodcut.  

Grafis Minggiran hosts a series of artist residency programs based in Yogyakarta, a city in Indonesia where contemporary art meets culture and tradition. The program will be open to anyone interested to learn about Graphic Arts, in the area of Printmaking.

Grafis Minggiran will offer the artist-in-residence a glimpse of Yogyakarta as a subject of discourse as well as a place for sharing knowledge. The main intent of the project is also for the artist-in-residence to experience different cultures from Indonesia melting together within the heart of Yogyakarta. 

Since March 2016, Grafis Minggiran launched an invite-only artist-in-residence program, 'Artists with Artists' in collaboration with Singapore based gallery Yeo Workshop, and endeavours to link and partner artists between Singapore and Indonesia.

We currently run three residency programs from our studio in Yogyakarta: An  invite-only  collaborative program; an  open call  program; and a  research-based  initiative.

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