Grafis Minggiran
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Based in Yogyakarta, Studio Grafis Minggiran is an arts collective, founded on a work site or studio-centered practice, which focuses on the development of printmaking techniques. Studio Grafis Minggiran was founded in 2001 by a group of artists who were, at that time, Graphic Art students at the Indonesia Institute of the Arts (IS), Faculty of Fine Arts.

During its development, Studio Grafis Minggiran became a creative work space accessible to anyone interested in facilitating the discourse on, or practice of, printmaking in Indonesia.
Studio Grafis Minggiran conducts a diverse range of educational and Printmaking appreciation programs – such as exhibitions, special projects and workshops – across a wide spectrum of locations for broad audiences including artists, college and primary school students, and the general public.

Studio Grafis Minggiran is a center for information and documentation on the development of Printmaking in Indonesia, always endeavoring to establish cooperation and build networks with institutions and art communities that exist in Indonesia and abroad.
  1. Printmaking Techniques
    10 May, 2016
    Printmaking Techniques
    There are many techniques and terms in printmaking, here is an overview of some of them.  1. Relief Woodcut, woodblock, wood engraving, linocut and metalcut. Printing from a raised surface (for example, a rubber stamp). The printing plates are made from flat sheets of material. After drawing a picture on the surface, artists use carving tools to remove the areas that will not print. This means that the incised area does not receive any ink. A roller (brayer) is used to evenly spread the ink
  2. Blog
    09 May, 2016
    Welcome to our BLOG section, our personal writing platform that allows us to keep you updated with our community, projects and events, and for us to share our knowledge with you. Click here to visit this collaborative journal regularly to read about our artist residency programmes and gain better insight into the cultural exchange that we facilitate through the art of Printmaking.
  3. Artist Residency Program
    12 Mar, 2016
    Artist Residency Program
    Click here to view blog entries that document our  Artist Residency Programs
  4. Our Team
    01 Jan, 2001
    Our Team
    Here's introducing Our Team. Click here to find out more about our current members.